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Talented friends

Some of the most talented people I know :)


Art with a capital A Oh wow...
I'm surrounded by crazy good talent. I'm fortunate to see Amaya's beautiful work every day.

A must see



Andy Vance is truly one of those great musicians. I was referred to Andy as a very green but keen piano student, trying to get my head around ragtime and stride. Andy is one of those guys that can play anything in any key at any speed and it is all improvised. The first lesson Andy sat down and played impossible music loudly at full speed and all I could do was to start laughing! I mean, I had heard this stuff on radio or CD but I had never SEEN it while standing beside the piano. I was, to put it mildly, totally gobsmacked. Then the humility and reality of the work ahead of me set in! Truthfully, Andy is generous and inspiring as well as being indistractibly serious about his music. Andy is one of Australia's great jazz pianists with more focus than a telescope. I would be glad to have a hundredth of his talent, stamina and musicianship skills! I have enormous respect for Andy both as a man and a musician. It is a rare thing to find someone with Andy's skill, experience and professionalism prepared to share this with budding students so indeed I count myself as very lucky. Practice, practice practice!

Jack Spira guitars

Jack Spira is one of Australia's most talented and best known guitar makers. Jack has a higher national diploma in Musical instrument Technology from the prestigious London College of Furniture. Jack established "Jack Spira Guitars" in Australia in 1991and has been hand making guitars full time to the highest standards ever since. Jack can typically make about 20 instruments a year and has a long list of great musical names playing his instruments, as well as a long waiting list to get one! Jack is incredibly generous in his nature and with his time, sharing his space and skills with numerous musicians and budding guitar makers. On top of this Jack is just one of the best guys you will ever meet.

You can see some of Jack's gorgeous guitars here



I'm a lucky man. I own one of Joe's beautiful guitars, a classical, made in Albury NSW. The guitar is a Hauser copy, like the one Segovia played for decades. But wait, there's more, the guitar soundboard is made out of a 100 year old piano soundboard! Joe loves making guitars out of old pianos. And this one? Well truly it is amongst the best I have ever played. So much for old soundboards being dead. But in truth it is all in the skill of Joe, he is a master of his craft and a great guy to get to know.

Have a look at Joe's beautiful guitars here



Shane Briggs is a master craftsman. Shane made me a stunning classical guitar, a french polished cedar top Fleta copy. It sounds shockingly like the guitar that Segovia palyed. It is a masterpiece and I am over the moon happy with it!

You can see this stunning guitar here